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FINAL CHANCE TO WIN OR CASH! -- Feb. 28, 29 & Mar. 1

The 2020 Winter $3,000 iBowlStrikes Tournament Rules

Official iBowlStrikes | $3,000 Winter Bowling Tournament Rules 2020

1. To bowl in this tournament you must be a current USBC Member with Card-ID# (You may be asked to show Regular ID)

2. This is a Handicap Doubles Bowling Tournament with Optional Open Scratch Singles, Optional Open Handicap Singles, Optional Women's Handicap Singles, Optional Scratch Doubles, Senior HDCP Singles, and Optional Women's Scratch Singles

3. Handicap ratio: 90% of 210 - Composite USBC 2018/19 book average. If no USBC 18/19 book average, we may consider using your current 2019/20 winter highest average of 21 games or more (or a composite of all your current averages if you need 21 games in)—Please bring a league standings sheet as proof).  We may also consider using a re-rated or an established average from another tournament,  or if you've bowled in our past tournaments. Please bring proof with latest standings. If you have been rerated YOU MUST REPORT TO US.

- Bowlers who do not meet the above requirement will bowl scratch. - Sports Leagues or Sports Shot averages are not allowed. If you have a Sports Bowling League average, Please inform us and we will adjust the submitted average according to the USBC Average Adjustment Scale at

At the tournament director's discretion, we may re-rate bowlers that have increased their average 15 (or more) pins in the last year. We may also re-rate bowlers that have bowled in other tournaments in past years who have consistently averaged 10-15 or more pins over their book average We do not re-rate bowlers based on earnings, but on consitant performance of bowling higher than book average. Bowlers that have been re-rated by other tournaments may have to use their re-rated tournament average - at the director's discretion.  Please inform us if you have been re-rated for a tournament.

4. A Doubles Team may be any combination of male or female bowlers.
4b. Max Handicap per game: 40 for men | 50 for women

5. There is No Max Team Cap (or Alibi TeamMax Team Cap), which means any bowler may bowl with any other bowler.

6. Important: The Maximum Handicap score per game by a single bowler allowed is 300.  Any Bowler that bowl a perfect game will win $100 immediately
    (This includes Sidepots, Brackets, Singles, and Doubles participation)

7. Prize fund for Doubles Entry will be returned 100% after lineage and expenses. For $30 Entry: $18 to Prize fund & Squad prizes, $6.50-$7.50 Lineage, $5.50 Expenses. For $25 Entry: $14 to Prize fund

8. Bowlers may re-enter the tournament and cash more than once, but may only cash 1 time with the same partner.

9. Bowlers may only win 1 (one) place in side pots or SINGLES for each division - Handicap and Scratch.

10. It is the bowler's responsibility to verify the accuracy of his or her own average. Failure to use proper average shall disqualify scores if the submitted average is lower than the actual average.

11. The tournament directors may add or alter squad times of additional Squads during the course of the tournament as deemed necessary.

12. Bowlers may NOT record their own scores on Re-Cap Sheets unless okay'd by the tournament director.  Tournament or Bowling Center Staff may record your scores. If you are unsure, please contact tournament staff or bowling center staff.  Your letter will be pre-assigned by tournament.

13. Profanity, Cheating or abuse of equipment is not allowed.

14. Tournament Directors reserve the right to re-rate or reject any entry

15. Decisions of the Tournament directors shall be final

16. PBA or PWBA Members / Cardholders are not permitted to bowl in this tournament.  National or Regional Title Holders are not allowed to bowl in this tournament. If you have ever participated in any PBA Bowling Event and came in 1st Place in that Pro Bowler's Event, you are not eligible to bowl in this tournament, unless the participation win happened before 2016.

17. 1 in 10 Team Entries will cash in Handicap Doubles

18. Should the 2020 iBowlStrikes / Christmas Bowling Tournament event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, or any other circumstance(s) beyond the tournament's control, the Tournament will endeavor to set new dates for the event to make up for any possible lost tournament days or squads.

Very Important:

It shall be the Bowler's responsibility to inform the Tournament Directors if his or her average has been re-rated or adjusted. The re-rated and/or adjusted average may be used during the tournament. Failure to inform the tournament directors of re-rated averages may result in a disqualification. Bowlers are responsible for verifying his/her average whether submitted by the bowler, the team or others. If the submitted average is lower than required and results in lower classification or more handicap, the bowlers scores are disqualified.The tournament managers or directors reserve the right to reject any entry or re-rate any bowler. The decision of the tournament directors shall be final. If the bowler does not accept the re-rate average, the entry fee shall be refunded.

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