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Bowling Articles to help improve your bowling game.

Below you can find a list of articles written by Bowling experts and USBC Certified Coaches that will improve your bowling.  We have spent time searching the web to bring you many of the best bowling tips available to help you bowl better. 


Clyde "Choc" Higa

Releasing The Bowling Ball

By Clyde "Choc" Higa - USBC Coach´s Association

There are several ways of releasing your bowling ball. Each one can, and will at times, perform better on the lanes than the other releases.  More on Bowling Release >>

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Swollen Bowling Thumb

Bowling - Thumb Swelling and Pain

Bowling Tips from

Many of us who love to bowl have experienced the problem of thumb swelling.   It can be very painful to try to get that swollen thumb in and out of the ball cleanly for those first few frames…especially if you haven’t had a lot of time to warm up.   More on Thumb Swelling >>


Something EVERY bowler should consider-


Some of you have invested a good amount of money into your bowling equipment, BUT many of you (including myself), have not maintained the gear you have like you should.  I hear bowlers complain about their balls being “dead” all of the time, and that their bowling balls don’t hook like they did when they were new. I have even heard Isom Hawes (one of the very best bowlers in the state of GA) say that he had over 60 bowling balls at home, but most of them were “dead”.  So yes – “Dead-Ball Syndrome” is VERY real.   MORE >>>


The Winning Ingredients

By Dr. Dean Hinitz – The Mind Game - Bowling This Month Magazine (used by permission)



Some of you are practicing.  This, of course, is an essential part of the improvement package.  The eternal question for the athlete seeking greatness is whether or not you have a practice plan that will elevate you to be a winner. >>>


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