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Bowling Ball Release - Part 2

By Clyde "Choc" Higa - USBC Coach´s Association

I then went to a more versatile 3/4-roll by learning to hold by thumb position at around the 1 o' clock position at the point of release. In contrast to the full roller, a 3/4 roller will have more sidespin, and therefore, the pins tend to bounce around more when hit by the ball. The track area for this roll will be outside of the thumb and finger holes but close to them.

As I mentioned initially, I also throw a semi-roller at times. This is released with the thumb in the 3 o' clock position at the point of release. You can, by this time, see that the roll of the ball will be outside the holes but further away from them. This track has more imbalance than the full-roller and the 3/4 roller and will tend to have a lot of side spin and action when it hits the pins.

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 The closer to the "high noon" position you can hold your thumb at the point of release, the higher (the holes are the highest point) the track is on the ball and as you move to the 3 o' clock hand position, the track goes further away from the hole. In the end, I could not get comfortable enough with them to confidently use them on a regular basis.


As I always advocate, do some experimentation with the different release points and hand positions until you find one (or more) that feel comfortable to you. After that, it is a matter or perfecting them through constant practice and drill.

A Hui Hou! (See you again!)

Clyde Higa - USBC Level 1 Coach - USA Junior Olympic Bowling Level I Coach

©2008 Clyde Higa -  - Used by permission